Shipping Container Cabin

The idea of staying in a shipping container cabin is kind of very convenient and unique for some people. It is particularly true for those who are thinking about running away from the regular hustles as well as bustles of the life. Made out of the wood, the idea of using a container as a cabin really is unique and different, offers one of a kind experience for most of you right at the moment. The number of people who are using a shipping container cabin as a retreat place is increasing over time, not to mention those who utilize the container as homes these days because the reason what I have mentioned before (container cabins or homes offer various advantages compared to the traditional homes and cabins).
Container cabins not only are affordable so you do not have to break a bank only to get such a thing, but container cabins also are strong or durable enough to provide or offer the sufficient kind of protection against various elements such as rain or even strong winds too. Yet, it is quite easy for most of you spend the time and build your own container cabinet because of their modular structure at the same. In order to attain yourself a standard 40 feet container, you have to spend the money around US$1200, which is quite cheaper when you compare such a solution with traditional ones, not to mention it also is possible for you to combine two or more containers so you will be able to come up with unique and exciting cabins. The containers are made out of heavy-duty steel to endure 65,000 pounds of weight.
So, for those who are thinking about building unique home, the one that is attractive too, containers could be such a good idea to use right at the moment.

Easy DIY Installing Baseboard

In order to help you attain a profession appearing finish, it is crucial to master a certain amount of technique and precision when installing baseboard trims that could be quite difficult for some people. Indeed, the process does not involve simple cutting board process so you could get the right size nor nailing them along the wall too, but you do not need to worry after all since with the right and proper tools with a bit more time to learn when planning the necessary, installing baseboard could be really easy in the end. Yet, we have some tips for you to follow and apply them during the installation so you will be able to attain a quality finish in the end. I am not going to waste any more time right now, guys!

Compared to a finish stained or clear coated wood trim, installing painted baseboard is definitely much easier and it could be the main reason why you should start with the painted trim right at the moment. It is advisable for the beginners to pre-paint the trim. This method is particularly great since it is difficult and tedious to paint the trim after the installation is done. Given the fact, it almost is likely for you to paint the touch-up afterwards, of course after weighing the level of the fit and finish standards at the end. Hiring a painting services outfit will always be a good solution for those who have some sorts of stigma that painting is not the thing to do. Ask them to paint the walls as well as the trim too, guys!
Before the painting, you have to buy the right paint for the baseboard. There are things to consider though, such as the type of flooring you are working on. So, what’s next? Stay tuned for more info!

Prefab Home Kits

When we talk about a home, we are saying the most critical human need to provide. A home is not only a spot for us to stay, but also the kingdom to build our realm above tears and joy. Yet, most people have trouble to build their little spots simply because they have not enough money. Well, it is kind of classic problem for us to deal with and yet, you have tons of option to help you overcome the problem, just like when you are thinking about the prefab home kits. For those who do know what those things are, it really is a good idea for you to stay with me here a little bit while reading the rest of this post. Through this saying, I am going to explain a little bit more about the prefab home kits, my dear friends!

More and more people consider the modern prefab homes not only because it is a cost efficient solution when it comes to affordable housing as well as attractive, but also because there are so many choices to pick as we speak about the types. Generally, the prefab homes are constructed by a manufacturer in pieces so it is quite easy for most people to easily assemble the homes. Most of the times, the prefab homes come with kit or even delivered to the premises also. Indeed, this kind of home is kind of amazing choice for those who are looking for the most affordable and easiest solution to have a home.

There are so many different styles of modern prefab homes to choose from and most of them are affordable, not to mention easy to build as well. So, for those who are running low of the money, but want to have such an amazing home, a prefab home kit could be a perfect solution.

Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas

As a heart of the house, a kitchen plays a crucial role within the house as a place and spot for the homeowners not only to cook and prepare the meals, but also to spend time sitting with the family getting some meals over dinner while talking about something, chit-chatting. Based on that kind of reason, a well-decorated kitchen is necessary serving the ultimate goals of the kitchen. Yet, there are so many options to take right at the moment and one of them is by applying the kitchen floor tile ideas. Decorating the kitchen is a tough task to deal with because you have to consider a lot of things, including the idea to pick the right decoration that not only enhances the look, but also provides functions as well. This is when the kitchen floor tile ideas come in handy giving the best solution, guys!
There are so many amazing ideas of the kitchen floor tile to use these days and internet as well as home magazines are full with such a thing. Here, we have a few ideas to consider and as a start, there are ideas inspired by “Spring Has Sprung” theme made out by professional interior designer named Cindy Kadet. She designed this amazing long Island kitchen through well-chosen glass backsplash tiles, paint colors, and furnishings. For the tiles, you could go with almost anything ranging from the green glass tiles that come out with glossy finish made by Waterworks up to Moroccan tile that conceals such an amazing yet modern look for both walls and floors. Could you show me more ideas to choose right now?
Next, we have Shannon Bowers’ centerpiece tiles around these old reclaimed tiles from France, such an amazing decoration for this stunning kitchen in Dallas, Texas. Through this design, the designer tried to bring simplicity over the color while providing the realness of it.

DIY Spice Rack Ideas

More and more people in the entire of the world as the homeowners consider the DIY spice rack simply because it saves a lot of money. That is right—in the current economy when most Americans watch what they spend, doing something wise with the money when it comes to the home remodeling is such a good idea and yes, plenty options are available to take right at the moment, such as a DIY spice rack for example. Why do you have to go with that kind of option anyway? Could you show me some reasons?
First of all, the spice racks are quite handy items for most people to use in the kitchen. The spice racks could really be a good solution for those who do not want to go searching through the whole cupboards for the spices by the time you are doing the cooking. Through this option, you could simply place a set of spice jars in reach while also beautifying the look of the house, bringing the home feeling to any kitchen. The spice racks are not only attractive, but also practical at the same time. Build your very own spice racks is not that difficult even though you do not have a set of carpentry skills. With proper tools and knowledge of design too alongside a bit imagination, you could come out with a special set of the spice racks in the end. The question remains the same—what are you going to do in order to build this piece?
Just like any other DIY projects, indeed, you need to get a perfect plan before undergoing the project. Internet and home magazines are full with such a thing and the only thing you need to do right now is to prepare a lot of times to do some research.

Full Size Black and White Bedroom Sets

Full Size Bedroom Sets

are you looking for better full bedroom sets, well, if you do looking for brand new bedroom set, I think today’s article will give you good inspiration and also information. What is full bedroom set? Good question, is it different with the regular bedroom set, why it should be called full bedroom set? It may because not only bed, but additional bedroom furniture also included here. Let me show you some pictures to make you clear, some pictures below show the latest bedroom set. What kind of bedroom set you like to have for your bedroom? If you ask my opinion, I think I prefer to choose glamour bedroom set, not only have incredible style it also have good quality, the great queen bed have soft and also comfortable quality, and the frame offer unique and spectacular colors.

But glamour series is not cheap, high grade bedroom quality always be expensive, and if you don’t have enough money to purchase glamour bedroom set, I think you need to look for different options. How about cheap full bedroom set? Hold a second, so full bedroom set also available on cheap price? I will give you some information about suitable bedroom set organizing; you can use the pictures to organize your own full bedroom ideas. If you think the article is interesting, you may need to see the other interesting topic.

Black and White Bedroom Furniture Sets

Black and white furniture reviews today, this one should be different options for those who want to increase their bedroom appearance. Well, think about combining one color with the other color, it will be brand new color created right? So, it means that every time we combine colors, we just invent another color, and, if you combine brand new color with other color, another brand new color will be created. See, this process is endless. Anyway, bedroom, do you think your bedroom already have perfect interior, how about the furniture? If you think you have bad bedroom furniture, you need to replace it with the good one, and black and white bedroom furniture set will be perfect choice, especially if you have interest with black and white color combination. I have some sample pictures about black and white bedroom interior color, I hope it will be good inspiration for you, once you see the pictures; you will be able to create your own creation. Bedroom furniture set with black and white color, it will be like bedroom set with zebra patterns, do you think so?

It’s not always looks like zebra, take a good look on the pictures below, some black and white bedroom furniture set designed properly, the style, pattern, it’s perfect. If you need recommendation about black and white bedroom furniture set, perhaps you can try to look on IKEA bedroom set, IKEA also available with black and white color series.

140+ Pictures of Modern Bathroom Ideas for Small Bathroom

Do you need more inspiration? Is it bathroom design inspiration? If you need brand new inspiration about modern bathroom design, I have something cool for you. talking about modern bathroom ideas, seems like modern bathroom ideas already become a trend, many people already apply this interior style, adding many different material and also ornaments, your modern bathroom can be one of a kind. Anyway, modern bathroom should be attractive and also comfortable, that’s why you need to add proper material and elements for your modern bathroom. You may need to look some pictures of modern bathroom ideas below, interior color theme, decoration and furniture for modern shows something different.

Interior color theme for modern bathroom ideas, well, I think there are no specific color represent modern bathroom theme, but if you look on the pictures, you can see that bright color is dominated. Indeed, bright color gives better interior atmosphere, and your bathroom looks cleaner and neat. White or bright color also give simplicity, which means it’s easier for you to manipulate the interior color, you can add any color combination.

Do we need to add specific decoration for modern bathroom ideas? For example, you may need to change your old bathroom lighting with the modern one, or try to replace your outdate vanity with brand new one, and of course with modern bathroom vanity.

Modern Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors are actually one of the best ways to upgrade the entire look of a bathroom especially if the bathroom is struggling with small space issue. Yes, adding a large mirror on the wall is considered one of the most effective ways in creating visual illusion of a larger space; making the small spaced bathroom looks larger than its actual size. Well, combined with good lighting (be it from the sun or from a good lighting fixture), the mirror is able to reflect the light to the entire bathroom; and besides that, the presence of a mirror gets rid the “trapped” feeling inside the bathroom since it is able to give an “infinity” view inside the bathroom.

And if you even want to go harder in making your bathroom looks as fabulous as possible, then you can frame your bathroom’s mirror with the best frame you can get. Dealing with small spaced bathroom is of course challenging, but with the right trick we will be able to boost up the entire look of the small spaced bathroom.

The combination of a large mirror, the right wall color, and also a perfect lighting source will save even very small spaced bathroom.

Best Color for Small Bathroom

Again, another review about small bathroom seems like everyone has different problem about small bathroom ideas. I just add more pictures about bathroom interior color, after you see the pictures now you need to observe, once you observe, I’m sure you noticed that there are several color that commonly used as bathroom interior color. White, indeed, people prefer use white color as small bathroom interior, and the reason is classic, white color is bright color, and bright color will surely add spacious visual on small bathroom.

Well, it is, I already try adding white color for small bathroom, my previous bathroom color is grey, and after I change the color with white color, somehow I feel my small bathroom looks spacious, not too specious but it looks different, a god different. Another advantage choosing white color as small bathroom color, well, we know that painting with white color is not difficult, it’s very easy doing painting job with white color, and you should try it.

Bright is not always need to be white, you can still have chance to make different bright color, light blue color, bright green, or tropical yellow also have bright color elements. If you want to see another best color for small bedroom pictures, you can try to find it on bathroom section, hundreds of attractive small bathroom interior color and decoration surely fill your imaginations.

Best Picture of Rustic kitchen Design

How do you think about rustic kitchen? Do you like something rustic, old and classic? Well, if rustic is your preference, I think I have something interesting for you. Today I will share something about pictures of rustic kitchen, as you can see, below are compilation of rustic kitchen pictures. We know that rustic is not the only style for kitchen, there are so many different styles and themes can be applied for kitchen. Just try t concern about rustic kitchen, if I ask you the most iconic parts for rustic kitchen, what would it be?

According to the pictures below, I think the most iconic parts of rustic kitchen are the interior color. Anyway, the pictures of rustic kitchen below is not the best compilation pictures, you will be easily able to find another awesome pictures of rustic kitchen on internet. But, at least it helps you find more inspiration, if you prefer to do rustic kitchen renovation, I think it’s your chance, just don’t be afraid to try, and if you fail, you can try again, with more practicing and suggestion from the experts, I’m sure you will be able to finish your own rustic kitchen project.

Rustic kitchen Design Pictures

Ok then, today I will show you different theme of rustic kitchen, most people think that rustic theme is outdate, well, it really look outdate, but it’s too bad at all, I still can see something interesting about rustic style. The most interesting thing about rustic theme is the color, I admit that rustic color is awesome, and sometime it represented with something unexpected, just like the pictures of rustic kitchen below. Rustic kitchen quite dominant with wooden color and material, it’s the identical material for rustic theme, so, if you want to make rustic theme, be sure choosing wooden material as dominant thing.

Total wooden material for better rustic appearance, well, I think it’s too much, it will be better if you add different elements, especially for kitchen. You know that you need to create harmony in order to make better thing, for kitchen, you need to choose combination, a fine combination between wooden and other natural material in order to make perfect rustic theme for kitchen. For example, you can try to add wooden floor as kitchen flooring, then kitchen cabinet, it already designed from wooden material, now about the countertop, this time you don’t need to choose wooden material for countertop, I recommend choosing granite material for countertop.

See, combination between wooden material and granite material really make harmony on your rustic kitchen, all you need to do is increase the rustic theme, and it can be done by adding more rustic decoration. I already show many pictures about rustic decoration, for kitchen, I recommend adding something related to kitchen, for example, you can try to add rooster statue on your countertop, or reach kitchen cabinet and use top of kitchen cabinet space for wall decoration. Rustic decoration also can be created check the decoration creation website for more information about DIY decoration ideas.

Stylish Kitchen Cabinets Facelift Update

Kitchen cabinets are important part of kitchen’s look and that is something that we cannot deny. That is why when your kitchen cabinets look old and worn out, it affects the entire look of your kitchen and that is not a good thing. So if you are facing this kind of problem, kitchen cabinets facelift is a very possible thing to do in order to give your kitchen cabinets new fresh look that is able to upgrade the entire decoration of your kitchen. Let’s start the project.

Think ahead

This means planning; good planning results in good result; plan your project beforehand so that everything you need can be gathered before starting the project. If you do this through DIY way, you will need tools like screw drivers, scrapers, sanding block, sponges, and rags. This is because you will need to get the old paint removed completely from the kitchen cabinets so that the new paint can be applied perfectly.

Doing the project

Now that you have done with removing the old paint, the next thing to do is to get the cabinets thoroughly, removing all the dust left from the sanding. This will require the use of damp mop. Once you are done with all the basic things or let’s say the kitchen cabinets are ready to receive the new painting, then you can get the first coat applied as the foundation so that the paint will stick perfectly. Now that you have applied the first coat, you can start spray the main paint. Choose the color which can build your mood a.k.a your favorite color. Wait for a few hours until the paint is completely dry and then get a clear applied to protect the main paint of your newly face lifted kitchen cabinets.

Stunning Design of Open Closet Ideas

Closet Organizer Systems

to work with the closet organizer systems can be preferred savior for most homeowners. The number of population gets larger offering smaller space for all of us to have live inside. At the same time when planning smaller space in the house, most designer frequently chooses to make your limited area with custom small closet as well. We have been discussing about the requirement for most people who happen to live in the modern circumstances, nevertheless, you also know that smaller sized closet signifies an uncomfortable sense.

The truth is many people even cast away things which will never easily fit in the closet so you find yourself setting things round over your bedroom. For those who have more concern about neat and tidy spaces may find this issue is extremely disconcerting. This is when the types of your closet organizer come in handy to give the very best option I previously mentioned.

The closet organizer system can be purchased in various models and dimensions so it is sort of an easy work for you to set it around your small room to make the most organized space for storing achievable stuffs, no matter the space was empty.
Open Closet Ideas

A closet, you know that closet is the place for you to store your clothes and other accessories, bag, hat, and sometime jewelry, but, do you know that there are two different closets? Today I will give some review about open closet ideas, so, if there is an open closet, there should be a closed closet right? Indeed, open closet is about a closet which designed without door, while the closed closet or regular closet designed with door. Most people preferred open closet, with open concept, they will be able to see freely inside the closet without opening act.

You know that some closet covered with something, curtains, shade, or even sliding door, it looks good, but I don’t think it’s simple, once you need to take something out from the closet, you need to open the closet first, sometime it will be better if you instantly reach and take something from the closet out. So, do you want to have your own open closet ideas? I case creating something is not your preference, you can simply purchase it, closet is not an exclusive thing, you can find it everywhere on furniture stores. Once you have open closet, I think you really need to concern about the treatments, open closet have good advantage, but still, you need to think about the treatments, clean the closet, make sure there are no dust and debris inside the open closet. You can use vacuum cleaner in order to get rid the dust from your closet.